Chicken Coops

by Molly Denver

Spring is here and I’ve added a new task to my already rather long To-Do list. I need to build a chicken coop. I have some good friends who run Snowdance Farm in Livingston Manor, NY, and they told us that they rent out chickens for the summer to people who want to raise chickens but not to commit to dealing ... Read More


A House in the Country

by Molly Denver

It began as a lark. Every weekend, my husband Brewster and I would pack the dog into our car and head out wherever our whims took us within a few hours of the city. The idea morphed, and we decided to focus these weekend jaunts to find a second home. Historic photo of our new farm, 1930.Historic photo of our n... Read More


Beaux Arts Ball

by Molly Denver

During my years studying at Notre Dame, the School of Architecture was known for a yearly themed costume ball. It was called Beaux Arts Ball.  The tradition of the Beaux Arts Ball began at L’Ecole des Beaux Arts in the 19th century.  It was an opportunity for students and locals to debauch, wearing costumes... Read More