Grassmayr Bell Foundry

by Dora Dmitriev

Since 1599 the Grassmayr Bell Foundry in Innsbruck, Austria has been casting bronze bells ranging from small concert bells to iconic church bells weighing several tons. The Grassmayr family has carried on the bell making craft for 14 generations. This year the foundry set another record with the 25-ton bell nicknamed "B... Read More


Penn Station: New York's Ultimate TBT

by Thomas A. Kligerman

The oft-told tale. In 1963 McKim Mead & White's great train station, rivaling (and copying) imperial Roman buildings, is torn down only to be replaced by a building that could most kindly be called banal. On this Thursday - another "throwback Thursday," if you will - I thought I would explore the story of the struc... Read More


Ike Kligerman Barkley's Favorite NYC Buildings - Part I

by Ike Kligerman Barkley

Five boroughs, thousands of blocks, millions of people. We're lucky to be headquartered in a metropolis that continues to change and continues to inspire - especially architecturally. This week, we asked the Ike Kligerman Barkley staff about their favorite buildings in New York City. From the offbeat to the classic, the new... Read More


Frunk and Trunk: A Tale of the Tesla

by Thomas A. Kligerman

 Google's driver-less car. (Really?)Mobility has always been a source of fascination to those looking toward the future. Walt Disney, designing the original EPCOT (the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow), had a monorail connecting all parts of the entertainment empire, along with the WEDWay PeopleMover, a sor... Read More


International Orange

by John Ike

Last weekend, I bought a gallon of paint the color of the Golden Gate Bridge. (Sherwin Williams makes it - they’re the bridge’s official paint supplier.)It’s known as “International Orange,” and it’s a great shade: iconic and attention-grabbing. It falls somewhere between Safety Orange and Fire Engine Red.When p... Read More


No Guts, No Glory

by Thomas A. Kligerman

This guest post was written by Chris Lucas, architect at Ike Kligerman Barkley. No guts, no glory. It’s a common phrase in sports, but in the architecture world it takes on different meaning: the “glory” of a finished project would be nothing if not for its “guts” – the fundamental systems that lie behind a... Read More