American Academy in Rome

By Thomas A. Kligerman

So I am heading to Rome. 

Looking up at the Pantheon to the 27 ft diameter oculus. 

The American Academy will be my home for the next six weeks where I will be a Visiting Scholar. The sabbatical will afford me the time to pursue a number of things besides time to reflect.  

Coffers in the dome of the Pantheon. This ceiling used to be painted azure and there were bronze rosettes at the center of each coffer until about the year 960.

I will be working on an outline for a new book on the difference between American and European building techniques and how my designs at home might benefit from this study. 

A little roman context.

I plan to retrace a portion of Sir John Soane's Grand Tour, that started in 1778.  He spent two years exploring the length of Italy - even going as far as Malta. 

Temple of Hera at Paestum. One of the places I will be revisiting as I follow John Soane's grand tour footsteps.

The archaic Greek Doric capitals. Amazing.

I plan on recording much of what I see in watercolors.  My IKB partner, Joel Barkley's watercolors are a constant inspiration.  I want to spend some time trying to better that craft. 

I've spent some time in Pompeii, will spend more as John Soane did.

Elegant columns at Pompeii.

Cool stair at Pompeii.

And of course I will be posting images and thoughts on Instagram and other social media.  You can follow along the @ikekligermanbarkley instagram for weekly updates or my own @tom_kligerman.

Here are some photographs of places I've been thinking about before I go.

The monument to Victor Emmanuel II.

An old favorite. Makes me want to watch Fellini's Roma again.

The Colosseum has been recently renovated thanks to Diego Della Valle - the CEO of Tod's. 

I'll be living in Trastevere, and traversing to visit things like the Vatican regularly.

More Vatican.

Even more Vatican.

I'll be going to Bologna, among other cities.

More Bologna.

Ciao a presto!