Garret Room

By Molly Denver

At Christmas this year, my husband and I found ourselves hosting 10 family members in our small house, so we had to create more bedrooms in a hurry.  We decided to take on the attic.  I couldn’t find a proper “before” picture, but this is it in its early stages.

First, we put down plywood over the floor joists and then we added insulation. We had to be creative since the rafters were not evenly spaced.  There was a wonky brick chimney coming through the floor and stopping just short of the ceiling, so we carefully removed it, as well as the bat we found hanging from the ceiling who was rather perturbed at his relocation.

Next, we put up sheets of panel board.  We have some amazing friends who came weekend after weekend to help us with the project- this photo shows myself, my friend Sophie and her daughter Mia who were holding the panel boards in place with our feet while Sophie’s father Francois nailed them in place.

We had to provide more permanent stairs. So we created a removable hatch which hinges for access and removes completely if you need to bring something big up to the storage.

We are nearly done- we need to replace the window which will be larger than the original.